Arthur Terry: Perry is a “good ole boy” Texan. Mr. Cain is

Arthur Terry: Perry is a “good ole boy” Texan. Mr. Cain is.

The good ole boys I speak of still have their “Yankee” radar working and if you are from Ohio, you will never be a Texan in their eyes.  I have 150 years of family history in Texas and before that it was Tennessee and Georgia.  Unfortunately I am too familiar with the underlying racism in Texas.  It is different in the South and especially Texas because many displaced families from the Southern States, ended up here after the start of Reconstruction.  The same families that in many cases had served in the Confederacy and/or lost loved ones to the North.  My family on my Dad’s side were field-hands and worked with the slaves, side by side.  After the war, freed slaves would work for much less than the white field-hands so we had to move West to find work.  My mothers family served the Confederacy and lost several members in combat.  Trust me… they never forgot it and raised their families accordingly.  I’m not condoning it at all.  I have fought against it my whole life and payed the price.  I was terminated from a job of 30 years because I voted for President Obama and will vote for him again.
I also don’t hate Christians.  I hate those that take advantage of people that truly believe in Christ.  Republican’s CANNOT be true Christians yet main stream evangelicals support their agenda, so you have folks like Mr. Perry that wave the flag of Jesus.  Those ARE the people that I despise.  Forget about Christian’s taking back their Country.  Christian’s need to take back their churches and many things will work themselves out, without the aid of the government.


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