All zealot type religions inspire terrorist. Where the male human animal is sanctioned by a male made-up sky god to rule others by force, there will always be terrorism. Fortunately women hold a more revered place in Christianity and can try and bring their sanity to European sky god society. It slows the male Christian’s progress for oppressing others.

Terrorist come in all forms and yes, Muslims are some of the most convicted sky god worshipers to their cause. But don’t forget that you face your most formidable enemy right here at home in the form of the American Taliban, also known as the Republican Tea Party. You see Christians are the worst kinds of terrorist. I can’t think of another country right off hand that has detonated nuclear devices in the middle of 2 civilian cities, heavily populated with women and children. Much like Muslims, the Japanese earth gods are considered inferior to the sky god of Europe, and evil abounds in the worship of the Budda and other “false idols”. Would a nuclear blast in an American city be classified as terrorism? It certainly terrorized the Japanese I betcha since they surrendered right quick.


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