Allen West: I Might Leave Black Caucus Over Lawmaker’s ‘Lynching’ Comment (VIDEO)

Allen West: I Might Leave Black Caucus Over Lawmaker’s ‘Lynching’ Comment (VIDEO).

It ‘s not what they label themselves it is who they are.  Republican’s always say, We freed the slaves!”   Who in the heck-e-durn did they think was going to take care of them?  They didn’t care then and they don’t now.  Bring someone here against their will to a different society, then release them to fend for themselves in a world where they were considered animals.  It is not only a black issue because it applies to Irish, Chinese, and we can’t forget Mexican’s as well.  All of them came here to work so some rich person could get richer and NOT WORK, and then were cast away when the jobs were finished and told to make it on their own, EVEN THOUGH theywould be discriminated against for the rest of your life.  People STILL fat on plantation and railroad money are behind this new era in discrimination.  The “N” word has just been replaced with “liberal” but it is said with the same vehement inflection.   Conservative Christian Republican’s and the Tea Party are cancers in America no matter what their current moniker.  Next it will be the Cuddly Puppy and Cozy Kitten Party and it will be lollipops and marshmellows in the back ground when they talk about the “evil” people of color that came from Africa to invade our country and rape our women because plantations were such WONDERFUL places to raise a family.   Sorry but I’m white and live in Texas and “my” people say things in front of me they shouldn’t.  Your “nod and wink” attitudes are all to familiar.


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