Texas Tax System Heavily Burdens Poor Residents

We can’t take another Southern minded Republican President. In Texas, the poor and people of color are blamed for EVERYTHING regardless of if they are actually responsibl­e for any of it. Texan’s have fought 2 wars to promote slavery during it’s history. The attitudes that go along with such arrogant superiorit­y are still flowing in the blood of families that have been here since just after the Civil War. Many, MANY, former Confederat­e families moved here because saw little of the destructio­n that the rest of the South had to endure. It will take many generation­s and increased effort from all Americans to obliterate the scar of the plantation system on the social structure of our Country. The coalition of the Tea Party/GOP/­KKK in Texas MUST be crushed at the polls in 2012. Rickeyboy is owned by the Coalition and will do exactly as he is told just like G.W. did. THE GOP HAS BECOME A GROWING CANCER AND IT IS TIME THAT IT BE CUT AWAY FROM THE BODY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

via Texas Tax System Heavily Burdens Poor Residents.


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