Perry makes it official: Hes in the hunt for GOP nomination | Rick Perry 2012 | News fr…

Perry makes it official: Hes in the hunt for GOP nomination | Rick Perry 2012 | News fr….

Funny story…. Texans fought the war with Mexico for independence so that they could bring in the Plantation system of the US slave states. Slavery was already illegal in the Country of Mexico were the state of Tejas was. So as illegal aliens (too funny) the settlers in Texas rebeled and won their independence and slavery was made legal. It was also 2 years AFTER the Civil War before Texas slaves knew they were officially free. Of course after the Civil War many Confederate veterans made Texas home. Many cities are named after Confederate Officers and in my childhood almost every city had a monument to the fallen Confederate soldiers of that city. Even though not much of the War was fought in Texas, there wer many seasond troops that had fought against Mexico and had combat experience, so they naturally fought for the pro-slavery South. Texans were part of most major Civil War battles.

This sentiment lives today in Texas in the decendants of Confederate families.

Rick Perry is owned by these people. They STILL think they are given governance over people and are empowered by the great white Christian God to do it. They can justify in their souls, in the same way as a Al Quaeda suicide bomber, anything they feel THEIR God has deemed sacred. Christian’s have NO respect or true tollerance for any other religion or philisophy.


Crush the coalition of the GOP/Tea Party/KKK at the polls in 2012…. This elephant in the room must die a final, cruel death. The mistakes of the past have slowed the progress of our Country long enough. It’s even in their name; Grand Old Party. It doesn’t matter what other political party you vote for as long as it is not the party of Republican obstructionist and Christian Crusaders. VOTE OUT THE GOP IN 2012!!!!


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