Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law – Yahoo! News

Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law – Yahoo! News.

Atlanta court?   SURPRISE!!!!!   Just want to make sure I had it correct.   A court in a former Confederate state…… ruled against the President……  shocker……  Then that  means that if you need health care, it is illegal to make you pay for it?  So health care is a choice if you don’t mind keeling over.    Then it’s OK to MAKE someone pay 10 times more than they can afford, as opposed to MAKING them pay a fair price for insurance that protects them, and then punishing them by ruining their lives with debt?   If you can’t be compelled to pay for health care, then if I don’t pay my medical bills it’s legal!  Cool!  You Conseravtive Christian Republican’s are awesome!!!!!   Smart too!!!    REELECT OBAMA 2012!!!  THE TIME FOR THE GOP, TEA PARTY, KKK COALITION TO BE CRUSHED AT THE POLLS!!!!  WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN THE 1870’S CAN HAPPEN NOW WITH THE ELIMINATION OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FROM THE POLITICAL SCENE.  FROM JIM CROW TO IMMIGRATION LAWS, REPUBLICANS HAVE OBSTRUCTED PROGRESS IN THE GREAT AMERICAN EXPERIMENT LONG ENOUGH.   AMERICA DOES NOT NEED TO RESORT TO SOCIALISM, BECAUSE AS AMERICAN’S, WE CAN DO BETTER FOR OURSELVES.  iT IS THE TIME FOR MEANING OF AMERICANISM TO BE THE LEADING LIGHT OF THE WORLD!  IT HAS NEVER BEEN EITHER OR FOR THE AMERICAN SPIRIT.  IT HAS BEEN INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, DETERMINATION, AND UNITY THAT HAS ALWAYS DETREMINED OUR FUTURE AND IT WILL BE AGAIN.   CRUSH THE GOP IN 2012 !!!!!!


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