New 911 police tapes from Wisconsin State Fair released – Minneapolis News – The Blotter

New 911 police tapes from Wisconsin State Fair released – Minneapolis News – The Blotter.

We need more states to approve carry laws. It’s obvious that Republican’s and wealthy Democrats are going to stand by while American’s are going to be forced to protect themselves. I’m not waiting for a policeman to show up to save me, then ask what I did to provoke the attack. The only thing I will be asked is why did you shoot them all 3 times. It’s called the Texas Triple Tap: 2 in the chest, 1 in the head. It is the ONLY thing good about living in Texas.

LEGAL WITH CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT IN TEXAS- Left side shoulder holster: Bond Arms .410/44Long Colt, 1 .410 slug and 1 00 .410 buck shot; Small of back holster: Glock 2nd gen. with 18 rounds 9mm of Hydro-shok; Left ankle holster: Colt .380 with 8 FMJ rounds. Extra rounds and clips for all in waste-band. Down here it’s become like putting on your wrist watch in the mornings. You get used to the weight. I’m handicapped and use a wheelchair sometimes but I’m not afraid to go anywhere. There are an extend number of weapons options in the car so opening the door while I’m trying to leave or go somewhere would be a lethal mistake for even a gang. For large gangs….. If I can to get to my trunk… the scene will be secured to wait for the officers. In Texas, we would ALWAYS rather be judged by a jury of 12 of our peers than carried by 6 of our relatives. Dang….. now I want to go to a fair!!!!


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