McConnell, Boehner Make Deficit Committee Appointments

McConnell, Boehner Make Deficit Committee Appointments.

As the Republican cancer eyes it’s next victims it choses nothing but the most distingushed former Officers of the Confederacy to obstruct progress, oppress the middle class, and keep the coloreds in their place.  London, Syria, Lybia, Egypt will all look like a day at the waterpark compared to when workin American’s realize how the wealthy are trying to be members of the American Country Club without paying any dues.  The bill for the Bush-Cheney Crusade for corporate oil profits in Iraq is due and now Republican’s are giving the billl to the people that work, instead of “invest” in America.  THE COALITION OF THE TEA PARTY, GOP, AND INVISIBLE EMPIRE OF THE KKK MUST BE DEFEATED AT THE POLLS IN 2012 OR THERE WILL BE CONVENTIONAL WARFARE FOUGHT ON US SOIL WITH IRAN.  ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ELECTED WILL CONTINUE THE BUSH-CHENEY CRUSADE THROUGH THE MIDDLE EAST.  VOTE FOR A YELLOW DOG BEFORE YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN.  BRING RISE TO THE YELLOW DOG PARTY TO CLEANSE AMERICA OF THE SPREADING, TERMINAL GOP CANCER!!!  YOU DON’T NEED TO VOTE FOR A DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE BUT DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN WARMONGERS IN TO KILL OUR CHILDREN AT THIR LEISURE.  THE ONLY OBJECTION THAT A REPUBLICAN REALLY HAS TO ABORTION IS A LACK OF




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