Republicans Prepare for Next Phase of ‘Obamacare’ Battle –

Republicans Prepare for Next Phase of ‘Obamacare’ Battle –

Republican’s are a cancer in so many ways. The insurance lobby and the wealthy are the only losers in the health care plan and that is why so many of you are spewing unsubstantiated rethoric about it wrecking the country. Conservatives will spend whatever it takes for a war or to oppress others for their beliefs, but if the money is to help someone else or provide life saving healthcare they will shut down the Country. The GOP are war mongers and you holier than thow conservatives are so detatched from reality you will let them lead us into an extension of the Bush-Cheney Crusade in the Middle East. Our children will be dying in the sands of Iran within 18 months of electing another Republican President. Iran however has the ability to fight back and mark my words; the first Islamic country to land regular troops on American shores will have a never ending supply of volunteers to avenge the Bush-Cheney Crusade for corporate oil profits. Greed and the inability of the Conservative Christian GOP to respect or recognize any other religions except for white Christianity, will cause the destruction America, at a cost of trillions of dollars and millions of lives. The TEA Party is a fast spreading terminal cancer for GOP and we can only hope they consume each other. REELECT OBAMA IN 2012!!!!!!! CRUSH THE TEA PARTY/GOP/KKK NOVEMBER 2012 AND HELP ERADICATE A DEADLY SOCIAL CANCER!!!!!


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