Report: Rick Perry to Announce Candidacy Saturday


Report: Rick Perry to Announce Candidacy Saturday

It’s like deja vu of the most horrible, horrible magnitude!!! If Perry gets elected we will be at war with Iran within 2 years max.. I hope I’m wrong, but I called everything ahead of time when Georgie Boy ran except for the 9/11 trigger. I didn’t think Cheney would receive a gift basket at the WTC like that, so that he had a choice of which “brown” Country to invade. G.W., Rove, Rumsfeld, and Cheney were as giddy as school girls at the possibilities. Iran is eager as well to use conventional weapons on our shores, not terrorist, but Iranian soldiers, to bring the destruction of the Bush/Cheney Crusade home to America. They will have an endless number of volunteers because of the heartless war waged by America’s Republican war hawks for corporate oil profits. The Tea Party/GOP/KKK must be crushed and removed like a cancer from the soul of of America in 2012. If we don’t, it will be time to check into Rosetta Stone Iranian, for beginners……. that way we will know ahead of time when the guards are going to shoot us in the back of the head…….

Travel only 10 miles south of the border and ask a Mexican citizen: Do you think conservative Mexicans (courtesy of Republican American influence in 2006) would be able to destabilize Mexico in 2011 to the point that thousands of Mexican citizens will be dying in the streets, because another Country (we won’t say who) will not reform drug laws by taking the profit out of the marijuana trade? If you have trouble finding anyone, check the pits in the desert. It isn’t the drugs that are killing people, it is the outdated laws of the Conservative Christian Right.


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